• 2 way brewing company
    2 Way Brewing Co.
    Beacon, NY
    At 2 Way Brewing Company we believe that the Hudson Valley has everything required to produce beers as unique as any the world has to offer. A climate and farmland perfect for hop production, and world famous water are just the tip of the iceberg. It is our goal to use these unparalleled resources to produce unique local beers at a brewery where anyone and everyone can come relax, hang out, and participate in the craft beer experience. Good beer with good people in a good place. That’s the 2 Way way.
    New Paltz, NY
    The Brewery began when two of our employees, Jason Synan and Mike Renganeschi, began brewing beer on the front porch of Mike’s apartment. Once we tasted them, we knew we had to have them at Bacchus. The Brewery will continue to help us be a hub of beer culture in the Hudson Valley. We strive to make innovative and inspired beers that will stand toe-to-toe with the wide selection we’ve offered for years.
    Tuckahoe, NY
    At Broken Bow Brewery our passion towards offering our very best is deeply personal. Family owned and operated, our earliest brews were designed to be enjoyed with family and friends. With those gatherings as our standard, were committed to delivering every drop with the thoughtful attention to detail that special people and times deserve.
  • bull & barrel brewery
    Bull & Barrel Brew Pub
    Brewster, NY
    We here at the Bull and Barrel have a passion for all things craft. Consider us part brewer, part forager and part rabble rouser. Our small batch artisanal craft beers emulate our philosophy. Our restaurant and brewery is situated near the base of the East Branch Reservoir smack dab in the middle of the New York’s Croton Watershed supply system. It is these very waters along with hand selecting the finest raw ingredients that allow us to do what we do best... Hand Crafting American Flavor!
  • Captain Lawrence Brewing Co,
    Elmsford, NY
    Scott Vaccaro Owner/Brewmaster has been carefully crafting his Hudson Valley Ales since 2006. From the Freshchester Pale Ale to the Palette Shifter Imperial I.P.A. Balanced flavors of hops and malts create some of the best beers in the Hudson Valley. growing up in south salem new york, scott knows all about the bounty the hudson valley has to offer from locally sourced ingredients to make beer as well as the food paired along side them.
  • chatham brewery
    Chatham Brewing
    Chatham, NY
    We were tired of the generic taste of mass-market beers. So we decided to brew our own. At least once a week. Except when we're on a fishing trip.
  • crossroads brewing company
    Crossroads Brewing Co.
    Athens, NY
    After only a few months in business, Crossroads received the prestigious Matthew Vassar Cup for Best Brewery in the Hudson Valley at the 2011 as well as the inaugural John Cahlen award for best IPA or Pale Ale in the State of NY. Our Head Brewer Adam Krawczak, brews quality craft ales and you'll always find something new to try on our 10 rotating taps. Executive Chef Paul Parillo has created a delicious menu featuring meats, produce and cheeses from farms throughout the local Hudson Valley area. Our wine list spotlights several New York State wineries as well. Ken, Janine and the dedicated crossroads staff are excited to bring you the best of what the region has to offer in great craft beer and farm fresh food in a beautiful, friendly setting. Cheers!
  • decadent ales
    Decadent Ales
    Mamaroneck, NY
    We aim to brew rich and high quality unfiltered beers for the local community. Our primary focus is on two sides of the spectrum: high abv ales, and fresh locally sourced IPAs.
    Pearl River, NY
    Everyday, we strive to create outstanding ales and lagers, challenge the conventions of mass advertised and mass-produced beers, and offer a unique production micro-brewery experience to our customers. At Defiant, we use top-notch raw ingredients to brew outstanding beer. Our passion for innovation shows in the variety of offerings you’ll find at the brewery every day.
  • duncan's abbey
    Duncan's Abbey
    Tarrytown, NY
    We brew old-world craft beer in an 1890's building nestled between the mighty Hudson River and the charming Main Street of Tarrytown, NY. Our traditional recipes include local, organic ingredients from the state of NY, and respect historical beer purity laws. We follow centuries-old traditions: measuring ingredients by hand, growing hops in our garden, and stirring the wort with a giant spoon.
  • equilibrium brewery
    Equilibrium Brewery
    Middletown, NY
    Equilibrium Brewery is the culmination of living a good life, creating bonds, sharing stories over great beers, experiences both local and abroad, and over a decade studying environmental engineering at MIT. These are things worth sharing. Equilibrium Brewery applies scientific principles and a passion for craft brewing to balance drinkability and massive flavor.
  • hudson valley brewery
    Hudson Valley Brewery
    At Hudson Valley Brewery, we like to think of our beer as the product of a wide variety of influences. Like the Hudson Valley itself, we believe the beers we create stand somewhere between the rural and the urban, the traditional and the modern, the rustic and the industrial. Our brewing techniques are inspired by the brewing practices of traditional European breweries as well as the more aggressive, experimental practices of American breweries. We brew the beer we love to drink, which like the Hudson Valley itself, is always changing.
  • industrial arts brewing company
    Industrial Arts Brewing
    West Haverstraw, NY
    New York's Next Great Brewery. Jeff O’Neil’s new brewery, Industrial Arts, is slated to open this fall in the Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center in Rockland, and it’s a far cry from your typical craft brew startup.
    Kingston, NY
    Keegan Ales was founded in early 2003 when Tommy Keegan learned about an empty building in Kingston that nobody would buy because there was a defunct brewery stuck in it! (Although the building was built in the early 1800’s, the building was most recently home to the Woodstock Brewing Company.) After months of cleaning and rebuilding, Keegan Ales brewed its first batch of beers on August 1, 2003(Tommy’s mom’s birthday) and set out hand-selling beer to local bars and restaurants early September. The first kegs of Old Capital, Hurricane Kitty and Mother’s Milk went to competition at Hunter Mountain that month. Mother’s Milk took home a gold medal and Old Capital was honored with People’s Choice: Best of Show.
  • mill house brewing company
    Mill House Brewing Company
    Mill House Brewing Company opened in the Fall of 2013. For us, it is the culmination of years of professional culinary/hospitality experience, expressive design and construction, and craft beer artistry. Located in the rehabilitated Mill House, Mill House Brewing Company offers a warm, historic and visually appealing setting, casual, yet professional service, food cooked from as close to the source as possible, and artfully crafted ales. For our team, this means the commitment to the amazing farmers, cheese makers, and other artisans that make the Hudson Valley such an amazing place to live. At Mill House Brewing Company, our philosophy is simple: provide a complete Hudson Valley dining experience, showcasing the region’s most delicious offerings of food and beer.
    Newburgh, NY
    We honor the rich history of Newburgh, a tough-minded town that’s still as hardscrabble as it was when General George Washington stationed his army here more than 200 years ago. That earnest, pull yourself up by your bootstraps energy still abounds in Newburgh and it’s reflected in the simple,honest flavors you’ll find in our beer. We pour our passion into this brewery every day and we are deeply honored each time you choose to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
    Peekskill, NY
    Peekskill Brewery is an award-winning brewpub located on the Riverfront in Peekskill, New York. We’re craft obsessed from the top down…Craft is clever, quality and fresh. These are the elements we use to deliver innovation to your table each and every day. Authentic and without pretense. Our mission is to deliver the comforts of a thoughtfully sourced menu in an inspired brewery atmosphere.
  • pine island brewing
    Pine Island Brewing Co.
    Pine Island, NY
    It's hard to say exactly when Pine Island Brewing started. You could say the inception dates back to the first time owner, Mike Kraai, popped the top off of a craft beer, or that it was the first time he turned on the burner to brew a home batch. No matter the date, there was an undeniable love for craft beer combined with a lot of determination that eventually turned a dream into reality. While its history isn't too long, its roots run deep into the heart of what makes good beer and what makes a good business. Balancing innovation with classical recipes and great attention to detail, we invite you to be a part of building our history. Come introduce yourself, and of course, relax with good friends over a mouth-watering pint!
  • plan bee farm brewery
    Plan Bee Farm Brewery
    Poughkeespie, NY
    At Plan Bee Farm Brewery our mission is to brew 100% New York State ingredient beer. We source all our ingredients from the state of New York with many grown on site. Our beers go from ground to glass within measurable feet of their origins. Our goal is to work with local businesses to produce a delicious product for the community we serve.
    Orange County, NY
    Rushing Duck Brewing opened in August 2012 and is a small, family-owned business in Chester, NY. We brew a diverse selection of beers that are currently distributed in the Hudson Valley, Capital District, and New York City. The brewery was started by Dan Hitchcock, his parents Les and Mary, and wife Nikki Cavanaugh. Prior to opening the brewery Dan worked as Lead Brewer of Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton, PA. when he decided to branch out and start his own company. Rushing Duck is known for making high quality beers that are fun and experimental.
    Elizaville, NY
    Founded in December, 2011, by Adam Watson and Justin Taylor, two friends who met at college and bonded over their love for good beer. After college, Adam and Justin took this love for beer one step further and started brewing together. For the next three years, Adam and Justin balanced their day jobs, their growing families, and their passion for brewing. Justin focused on brewing. Adam managed sales, deliveries, and the business side of the brewery. All profits went back into Sloop, as they slowly expanded from farmers’ markets, eventually into restaurants, bars, & craft beer stores. With the humbling support of the Hudson Valley community, Sloop has been able to grow & raise the necessary capital to finance their expansion into a full-scale microbrewery.
  • suarez family brewery
    Suarez Family Brewery
    Livingston, NY
    We're a mom and pop production brewery specializing in ales of mixed fermentation, unfiltered lagers, and other crispy little beers.
    Brewer owned and operated.
    Livingston, NY. Opening Summer 2016.
  • yard owl craft brewery
    Yard Owl Craft Brewery
    Gardiner, NY
    From the beginning we realized keeping it small is the way to go. Right now our home is a 400 square foot shed which has become a little too small; it's pretty close quarters for us. Every batch of beer is crafted with fine attention to detail and has to pass a stringent test before being released into the world. We have been on the lookout for a space that would allow a little more elbow room and we finally found it! We are very excited to announce we have found a facility that will allow for a tasting area and room for better equipment to brew our finely crafted beer. We need your support to develop our dream in this space.
  • Yonkers Brewing Co.
    Yonkers, NY
    Like any other great idea Yonkers Brewing Co. was thought of with a beer in hand. The concept of brewing came to John Rubbo and Nick Califano after they tirelessly helped their grandfathers make homemade wine. As they exchanged stories about crushing grapes and discussed the intricacy of fermentation, they cracked open a cold beer. As the cap fell off the lights went on, "Why not just make the sweet nectar we enjoy so much more?" they asked. The generations-old tradition of wine making sparked a fire and with head brewer, Sharif Taleb, they brewed up a recipe that is now known as Yonkers Lager.